Zeebox and TV

Zeebox, the free app that makes watching TV more social, immersive and interactive, is being promoted in a series of three television commercials on Sky’s primetime channels. zeebox is introduced as TV’s new sidekick, explaining his role while TV sulks. They’re like brothers – one bigger and older, one smaller and younger. In the different executions, whatever TV and zeebox are asked about, TV responds childishly even though zeebox only wants to make him better. They bicker on the sofa, arguing about whether zeebox really does anything useful or not. Like brothers, they may fight sometimes, but if push came to shove, they’d be on the same side really. Because zeebox could be the best thing to happen to TV, since TV.

Zeebox and TV

Zeebox links social media and programme information to live TV viewing and was launched in October last year by Anthony Rose, the developer behind the BBC iPlayer and the former EMI board director Ernesto Schmitt. Mother was appointed to the zeebox brief in January.

Zeebox Credits

The Zeebox campaign was developed at Mother London.

Filming was shot by director David Gray via Station Film, New York, with producer Alexandra Ashton and director of photography Simon Coull. Post production was done at Unit.