Woodkid Run Boy Run

The music video for Woodkid track Run Boy Run has been nominated for Best Music Video at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Directed by Yoann Lemoine, the French director/singer/songwriter behind the musical alias of Woodkid, the short film shows a young boy racing towards safety surrounded by beasts of the earth.

Run Boy Run

Click on the image below to play the Run Boy Run music video.

Run Boy Run Music Video Credits

Filming was shot by director Yoann Lemoine via Iconoclast and Picseyes with producer Roman Pichon and art director Pierre Pell.

Post production was done at One More Production by VFX supervisor Gregory Lanfranchy, Flame artists Herve Thouement, Laura Saintecatherine and Romain Leclerc, 3D team Olivier Junquet and Priscilla Clay, matte painter Arnaud Philippe Giraux and producer Raminta Poskute.