Weetabix Rule Britannia

Weetabix, the British breakfast cereal, is getting Brits in the festive mood with its special edition “Fuel Britannia” packs, a playful subversion of the British anthem title for “Rule Britannia”. A tactical print campaign, run over the weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee features three Weetabix carefully laid out on an ornate set of tableware from the bespoken fine china company Thomas Goode, which enjoys three Royal Warrants to supply the Royal Family. The Weetabix Royal Warrant of Approval has been reintroduced to the Weetabix pack in line with the launch of the new Fuel Britannia packs.

Weetabix Fuel Britannia


The Weetabix Fuel Britannia campaign was developed at BBH London by creative director Dominic Goldman, creatives James Briggs and Mike Nagy, team director Tom Woodhead, team manager Nicolas Jayr, strategic business lead Fleur Holcroft, agency producers Jeremy Gleeson and Sally Green.

Production was by Wyatt Clarke & Jones by producer Emilie Morgan, stylist Lisa Dredge, photographer Todd Antony, designers Ali Augur and Rich Kennedy, retoucher Alex Murray.

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