Webby Winners 2012 The Year Distilled

Results are out for the 16th Annual Webby Awards, recognizing achievements in online work for websites, interactive advertising, online film and mobile apps. The Webby Awards broadcast begins on Monday, May 21st at 5.30 pm ET at Webbyawards.com, hosted by Patton Oswalt. Special awards go to Louis C.K, Webby Person of the Year, Bjork, Webby Artist of the Year, Juliette Lewis and Graydon Sheppard of Sh*t Girls Say, Webby Actresses of the Year, and Instagram, Webby Breakout of the Year. Two awards are given in each category: Webby Award (WA) and People’s Voice (PV).

16th Webby Awards

Interactive Advertising

The Sound of Football, Akestam Holst (WA for Augmented Reality)
Forever 21 Model Pick Up, Space150 (PV for Augmented Reality)
Homeless Banners, Garbergs (WA for Banner Campaigns)
BMW X3 Launch, Cundari (PV for Banner Campaigns)
Stride Be Ridiculously Long Lasting Banner, JWT New York (WA & PV for Banner Singles)
Dear 16-year-old Me, Evidently (WA for Best Copywriting)
Prius Goes Plural, Saatchi & Saatchi LA (PV for Best Copywriting)
The Inside Experience, Pereira & O’Dell (WA for Best Integrated Media Plan)
State Farm Thanks 9/11 Tribute, DDB Chicago (PV for Best Integrated Media Plan
The Chase HTML5 Experience, Nexus Interactive Arts (WA for Best Use of Online Media)
Nike Back to the Future, Wieden+Kennedy (PV for Best Use of Online Media, WA & PV for Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign)
The Museum of Me, Projector Inc (WA for Best Use of Social Media)
Old Spice Mano a Mano en el Bano, Wieden+Kennedy (PV for Best Use of Social Media, PV for Integrated Campaigns, PV for Online Campaigns)
The Creators Project, VICE Media-Virtual Worldwide (WA for Branded Content)
K-Swiss, MFCEO Kenny Powers, 72andSunny (PV for Branded Content)
Forgot Your Password, Grupo Gallegos (WA for Best Email Marketing)
Alice: Madness Returns Launch Email, TBWA\Manchester (PV for Email Marketing)
Spent, McKinney (WA for Game or Application)
Domino’s Pizza Hero, CP+B (PV for Game or Application)
Germany Will Find You, kempertrautmann gmbh (WA for Integrated Campaigns)
Ariel Fashion Shoot, Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm (WA for Mobile & Experience Marketing)
I Went to Moma and…, Poke New York (PV for Mobile & Experience Marketing)
Microsoft Windows Azure iPad Ad, Deutsch Inc (WA for Mobile Advertising)
Uncover Your World, Grow Interactive (PV for Mobile Advertising)
Touch The Rainbow, BBDO Toronto (WA for Online Campaigns)
Google Chrome: Dear Sophie, BBH NY & Google Creative Lab (WA & PV for Online Commercials, WA & PV for Rich Media: Promotional)
Take This Lollipop, Tool (WA for Online Guerilla & Innovation)
Birds on Twitter, Dudums (PV for Online Guerilla & Innovation
Intel – The Escape, Tribal DDB Hong Kong (WA for Rich Media: B to C)
Nike Free Arena, R/GA (PV for Rich Media: B to C)
A New Warrior, Greenpeace International (WA for Rich Media: Non-Profit/Educational)
Amnesty – Slide to Unlock, Garbergs (PV for Rich Media: Non Profit/Educational)
Cat, BBDO Toronto (WA for Viral Marketing)
Draw a Stickman, Hitcents.com (PV for Viral Marketing)

Online Film and Video

Address is Approximate, The Theory Ltd (WA for Animation)
Chipotle Back to the Start, Creative Artists Agency (PV for Animation)
Plot Device, Red Giant (WA for Best Editing)
Michael Jackson Behind The Mask, @radical.media (PV for Best Editing)
President Bush Reacts to Osama Bin Laden’s Death with Will Ferrell, Funny Or Die (WA for Best Individual Performance)
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Star Wars, CollegeHumor (PV for Best Individual Performance, PV for Comedy: Individual Short or Episode)
Jameson1780.com, EVB / unit9 / Martin Percy (WA & PV for Best Use of Interactive Video)
7 Minutes in Heaven with Mike O’Brien, Broadway Video (WA for Best Web Personality/Host)
Sonia’s Travels (PV for Best Web Personality/Host)
Onion News Network’s “How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him”, The Onion (WA & PV for Best Writing)
THE MOST AMAZING BEAT BOX VIDEO EVER, DDB Paris (WA for Branded Entertainment)
K-Swiss MFCEO Kenny Powers, 72andSunny (PV for Branded Entertainment)
Siri Argument, CollegeHumor (WA for Comedy: Individual Short or Episode)
Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes, Funny or Die (WA for Comedy: Long Form or Series)
The Key of Awesome, Barely Political (PV for Comedy: Long Form or Series)
‘I will never be cut’: Kenyan girls fight back against genital mutilation, Guardian News & Media (WA & PV for Documentary: Individual Episode)
Sundance Channel – Beginnings, Sundance (WA for Documentary: Series)
Often Awesome The Series, All Aces Media (PV for Documentary Series)
The Confession, Digital Broadcasting Group (WA & PV for Drama)
EducationNation.com, NBC News (WA for Events & Live Broadcasts)
Youtube Symphony Orchestra 2011 Grand Finale (PV for Events & Live Webcasts)
The Future of the Book, IDEO (WA for Experimental & Weird)
Creating the Nebula, Wired (PV for Experimental & Weird)
Rethink Your Man Reminder, john st (WA for How To and DIY)
Lifehacker, Revision3 (PV for How-To and DIY)
The Creators Project, VICE Media – Virtue Worldwide (WA & PV for Music)
The VICE Guide to Congo, VICE (WA & PV for News & Politics: Individual Episode)
Revolutionaries: Egypt’s Transformers, Human Rights Watch (WA for News & Politics: Series)
Al Jazeera English: The Stream (PV for News & Politics: Series)
Dear 16-Year-old Me, Evidently (WA for Public Service and Activism)
Undercover at Smithfield Foods, The Humane Society (PV for Public Service and Criticism)
Periodic Table of Videos, University of Nottingham (WA for Reality)
Dog Park, Discovery Channel (PV for Reality)
Egypt, football and revolution, Guardian News & Media (WA for Sports)
Arctic Hoop Dreams, The New York Times (PV for Sports)
Picturing Science: Museum Scientists & Imaging Technologies, American Museum of Natural History (WA for Technology)
CNET TV, CBS Interactive (PV for Technology)
From Peru for Peru, Y&R Peru (WA & PV for Travel & Adventure)
Lynn Hirschberg’s Screen Tests, W Magazine (WA for Variety)
TEDTalks, Ted Conferences (PV for Variety)
Nike Better World, Wieden+Kennedy (WA for Video Remixes/Mashups)
Tim Tebow – All He Does is Win, ESPN (PV for Video Remixes/Mashups)
I Hope This Gets To You, 72andSunny (WA for Viral)
Muppet Show Theme Song by OK GO, Walt Disney Records (PV for Viral)


Counterspill (WA & PV for Activism)
PhotoSeed, TOKY (WA for Art)
People’s Art Project (PV for Art)
Downtown Seattle Association, Frause (WA for Associations)
All Art is Advertising (PV for Associations)
The 21stCentury Beetle – Rock ‘n’ Scroll, DDB Tribal Berlin (WA & PV for Automotive, Best Navigation/Structure, Best Visual Design – Function)
Google Music, BBH LA (PV for Best Navigation/Structure, PV for Best Visual Design-Aesthetic, WA & PV for Corporate Communications)
Pinterest (PV for Best Visual Design – Function, WA for Social Media)
Manilla, Brew Media Relations (WA & PV for Banking/Bill Paying)
YSL Experience, Nurun (WA for Beauty and Cosmetics)
Glamour.com’s Beauty Channel (PV for Beauty and Cosmetics)
Visit Norway 360, Innovation Norway (Best Home/Welcome Page)
Dropbox (WA & PV for Best Practices, WA & PV for Web Services & Applications)
Draw a Stickman, Hitcents.com (WA & PV for Best use of animation or motion graphics)
God’s Lake Narrows, National Film Board of Canada (WA for Best Use of Photography)
Beyond 9/11, Timer Warner (PV for Best Use of Photography)
Asos Urban Tour, BBH Advertising (WA for Best Use of Video or Moving Image)
TED.com, Ted Conferences (PV for Best Use of Video or Moving Image, PV for Education, WA & PV for Radio/Podcasts)
Kinetic Fanzine Vol.1, Kinetic Singapore (WA for Best Visual Design – Aesthetic)
Newyorker.com, The New Yorker (WA for Best Writing – Editorial)
Mashable (WA for Blog – Business)
HuffPost Business (PV for Blog – Business)
The 99%, Behance (WA for Blog – Cultural)
Know Your Meme, Cheezburger (PV for Blog – Cultural)
FiveThirtyEight, The New York Times (WA for Blog – Political)
It’s All Politics, NPR (PV for Blog – Political)
MTV O Music Awards, Happy Cog (WA for Celebrity/Fan)
Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco (PV for Celebrity/Fan)
The Pine Ridge Story, RedPoint Design Direction (WA for Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit)
Amnesty USA, Jackson River / Threespo (PV for Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit)
I Had Cancer, Squeaky Wheel Media (WA for Community)
Tumblr (PV for Community)
Urbanears, Oakwood Creative (WA for Consumer Electronics)
HTC Sense, Spring/Summer (PV for Consumer Electronics)
Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets, Amalgamated (WA & PV for Corporate Social Responsibility)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Blue State Digital (WA & PV for Cultural Institutions)
Khan Academy (WA for Education)
Glassdoor – an inside look at jobs and companies (WA for Employment)
Freelancer.com, Click PR (PV for Employment)
TribecaFilm.com, Tribeca Enterprises (WA for Events)
Sundance Channel – Sundance Film Festival (PV for Events)
BabyCenter – Best Parenting Website (WA & PV for Family/Parenting)
SHOWStudio (WA for Fashion)
Vogue.com (PV for Fashion)
Mint.com/Intuit (WA & PV for Financial Services)
Foodily, Made by Six (WA for Food and Beverage)
The End, BBDO Toronto (PV for Food and Beverage)
androp “Bell” music video game, Party Inc./AID-DCC Inc. (WA for Games)
Disney.com/Games, Disney Interactive Media Group (PV for Games)
Game Trailers, Viacom (WA for Games-Related)
TwitchTV (PV for Games-Related)
NASA Web Site (WA & PV for Government)
Counterspill (WA for Green)
National Geographic Environment (PV for Green)
911 Memorial Guide, Local Projects LCC (WA for Guides/Ratings/Reviews)
Yelp (PV for Guides/Ratings/Reviews)
Medify, Inc, Barokas Public Relations (WA for Health)
LIVESTRONG.COM, Kaplow (PV for Health
The Onion (WA for Humor, PV for Best Writing – Editorial)
Cracked.com (PV for Humor)
Allstate Teen Driver (WA for Insurance)
State of Chaos (PV for Insurance)
Frameratefest, These Days (WA for IT Hardware/Software)
Dell Do More (B2B Site), VML (PV for IT Hardware/Software)
CitizenshipWorks, Pro Bono Net (WA & PV for Law)
Epicurious, Conde Nast (WA & PV for Lifestyle)
Wired (WA for Magazine)
National Geographic Magazine Online (PV for Magazine)
Indiewire website, SnagFilms (WA for Movie and Film)
The Muppets Mahna Mahna, Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures (PV for Movie and Film)
Pitchfork (WA for Music)
Pandora (PV for Music)
Bla Bla, National Film Board of Canada (WA for Netart)
PostSecret (PV for Netart)
The Daily Beast, Newsweek Daily Beast Company (WA for News)
BBC News website (PV for News)
Facebook (WA for People’s Special Achievement for Social Change)
Change.org (PV for People’s Special Achievement for Social Change)
Clouds 365 Project, Kelly DeLay (WA for Personal Blog/Website)
Capturée, David Basso (PV for Personal Blog/Website)
Ask a Patient, Bean Creative – Funktional Web & Interactive Design (WA for Pharmaceuticals)
GoodRx (PV for Pharmaceuticals)
FactCheck.org (WA & PV for Politics)
SoundCircus, Pool Worldwide (WA for Professional Services)
The IdeaLists (PV for Professional Services)
PadMapper (WA for Real Estate)
Apartment List (PV for Real Estate)
Fervr, Youthworks (WA for Religion and Spirituality)
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (PV for Religion and Spirituality)
Beast and the Hare Restaurant, robcolignon.com (WA for Restaurant)
Chef Marc Forgione, Recess Creative (PV for Restaurant)
ASOS (WA for Retail)
Fab.com (PV for Retail)
Chicago Portfolio School (WA for School/University)
A Window on a Creative World, Siegel+Gale (PV for School/University)
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University (WA for Science)
Wired Science (PV for Science)
The Work of Robert Jaso, Werstatt (WA for Self Promotion/Portfolio)
School of Visual Arts, Behance (PV for Self Promotion/Portfolio)
Google+ (PV for Social Media)
ESPN.com (WA & PV for Sports)
Huawei Mobiles, Arnold Furnace Sydney (WA for Telecommunications)
Nokia Swipe (PV for Telecommunications)
HBO Connect, RED Interactive Agency (WA for Television)
Hulu.com (PV for Television)
NYC The Official Guide, NYC & Company (WA for Tourism)
Greenland (PV for Tourism)
Kayak.com (WA & PV for Travel)
I Found Money Today (WA for Weird)
Kim Jong-Il looking at things, João Rocha (PV for Weird)
Sesame Street Muppets, Hello Monday (PV for Best Home/Welcome Page, WA for Youth)
It Gets Better Project, Blue State Digital (PV for Youth)

Mobile Apps

Super 8, Paramount Pictures/Bad Robot/QMX (WA for Best Use of Device Camera, WA for Entertainment Handheld Devices)
Skype, Kaplow PR (PV for Best Use of Device Camera, WA & PV for Social Tablets & All Other Devices)
Google Cannes Heatmap, Fantasy Interactive (Fi) (WA for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology)
Life360 Family Locator: Keeping 15 Million People Connected for Safety (PV for Best Use of GPS or Location Technology)
TED iPad App, TED Conferences (WA for Best Use of Mobile Video)
Hulu Plus app (on multiple platforms) (PV for Best Use of Mobile Video)
The Human Body App, AKQA (WA for Education & Reference)
50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic (PV for Education & Reference)
Weird Al Yankovic When I Grow Up Interactive CHildrens Book iOS App (PV for Entertainment Handheld Devices)
The Numberlys, H30 Communications/Moonbot Studios (WA for Entertainment Tablets & All Other Devices)
The Onion’s iPad App (PV for Entertainment Tablets & All Other Devices)
Google Wallet, R/GA (WA for Experimental & Innovation)
SwiftKey, TouchType Ltd (PV for Experimental & Innovation)
Heineken Star Player, AKQA (Games Handheld Devices)
The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run, Crossborders (PV for Games Handheld Devices)
MINI Maps, DDB Paris (WA & PV for Games Tablets & All Other Devices)
Yelp Mobile (WA & PV for Guides/Ratings/Reviews)
SHO Social App for iPad, Showtime Networks (WA For Integrated Mobile Experience)
Sony Xperia Studio, LBi (PV for Integrated Mobile Experience)
Unstuck (WA & PV for Lifestyle Tablet & All Other Devices)
Spotify, Splendid Communications (WA For Music)
Pandora, Pandora Media (PV for Music)
Flipboard for iPhone (WA for News Handheld Devices, WA & PV for Social Handheld Devices)
NPR (PV for News Handheld Devices)
Bloomberg Businessweek+, Bloomberg L.P. (WA for News Tablet & All Other Devices)
The Daily (PV for News Tablet & All Other Devices)
Target iPhone App (WA & PV for Shopping Handheld Devices)
Fab.com app (WA & PV for Shopping Tablet & All Other Devices)
Nike Training Club, AKQA (WA for Sports)
WatchESPN (PV for Sports)
FlightBoard, Mobiata (WA for Travel)
Kayak (PV for Travel)
Evernote (WA & PV for Utilities & Services Handheld Services)
Zillow Real Estate App (WA for Utilities & Services Tablets & All Other Devices)
Shutterstock for iPad (PV for Utilities & Services Tablets & All Other Devices)

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