We are the nation also

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) has launched an awareness campaign challenging racism and Islamophobia. The campaign aims to expose prejudices, Islamophobic attitudes and stigmatizing discourse that divide people rather than bring them together, while France is going through a difficult time socially and economically. Based on the web site, NousSommesLaNation.fr, the We Are The Nation campaign includes a poster campaign on the Paris ring road, online articles, advocacy on social networks, and a lecture tour throughout the metropolitan areas to establish local dialogue.

CCIF Jeu de Paume poster We Are The Nation

The main poster from the campaign, from which the slogan “Nous somme la nation, aussi” arises, is an artistic interpretation of the painting “Serment du jeu de paume” by Jacques-Louis David. The original painting represents a decisive moment in the history of France. The revamped version shows a crowd of citizens coming together to find a better way to live together, respecting each other’s differences, restoring the founding values ​​of the Republic. In this crowd, French Muslims claim their full membership in the Nation, the full compatibility of their citizenship and religious practice.

CCIF French Family poster We Are The Nation
CCIF Portrait Gallery poster We Are The Nation

The We Are The Nation video presents a sample of French society in which diverse characters, linked by simple relationships, interact with each other. The accompanying posters illustrate the fundamental nature of dialogue, respect for others and especially the involvement of everyone in its difference and its relationship to others, balance and richness of our society. Click on the image below to play the video.

Islamaphobia is not an opinion, it is an offence. Click on the image below to play the Alternative video.

We Are The Nation Credits

The Nous Sommes Le Nation Aussi campaign was developed at CCIF, Paris, and Confluences, Paris, by Marwan Muhammad, Sumeja Rahmani, Rachid Toub, producers William Barylo and Lamine N’Dao, and media planner Raoudha G.

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