Warmth From Tourism Victoria

In Canada, Victoria British Columbia boasts the mildest climate. When the rest of the country is still in the freeze of winter, the region enjoys an early spring. Tourism Victoria promoted Victoria as a destination to the snow covered cities of Calgary and Edmonton by branding warm air hand dryers in target-rich locations, with the message, “This warmth brought to you by…Tourism Victoria.” All activity leads to a custom Facebook experience, facebook.com/tourismvictoriafan where visitors can taken on a friendly wager, “We’re so sure Victoria’s weather is better, we’ll bet on it.” The men’s toilets have the added bonus of a warmer golf grip and a chance to win golf holidays.

Tourism Victoria Hand Dryer - Warmer

Tourism Victoria Hand Warmer

Tourism Victoria Hand Warmer

Tourism Victoria Hand Warmer

Warmer in Victoria Facebook


The Warmth campaign was developed at Destination Marketing by director Trina Mousseau and manager Lacey Sheardown.

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