War Child Jam for a war-free childhood

War Child, the charity focused on supporting children affected by war, has launched “Jam”, a commercial demonstrating the simplicity of a pure, war-free childhood. The film shows icons of childhood preventing acts of violence from continuing to tear apart communities and destroy lives. The War Child Jam ad begins with the violent daily lives of youths living in battle-ridden communities: machine gun hold-ups, hidden landmines and grenades thrown in public gatherings. Bloodshed is then replaced with crayons, bubbles and children’s laughter. The video’s launch is complemented by updates to War Child’s website, as well as posters, print, and an upcoming social media extension that will ask people to reflect and share the ways in which their childhoods shaped the person they are today.

War Child Jam Crayons

Click on the image below to play the video.

War Child Jam Credits

“Jam” was developed at john st., Toronto, by creative directors Angus Tucker and Stephen Jurisic, copywriter Keri Zierler, art director Hannah Smit, agency producer Christine Stephens.

Filming was shot by director Henry Lu via Soft Citizen, Toronto, Ontario, and Moxie Pictures, LA and NY, with Soft Citizen executive producers Eva Preger, Link York, Moxie Pictures executive producers Roger Zorovich, Robert Fernandez, Soft Citizen head of production Rob Burns, line producer Nick Sorbara, and director of photography Michael Cleary.

Editor was Steven Sora at PosterBoy Editorial, Toronto with assistant editor Raj Ramnauth. Online editing was done at Crush, Inc.

South African location production was by AFS Productions, by executive producer Dale Kushner and line producer Lawrence Goodman.

Audio post production was done at Grayson Matthews with music composed by Keith Kennith.