Waiting For Seven Years

Fürs Leben (Foundation for Life) organ donation campaign “Waiting For Seven Years” (Warten. 7 Jahre lang) was recently awarded the Grand Global Award in reognition of excellence of health-related advertising. Michael Stapf, a 27 year old, was placed on a Frankfurt railway station platform with his dialysis machine. Passersby discovered that he had been waiting for a kidney donation for seven years. A digital billboard at the platform called for action “Some of us have been waiting longer. For an organ donation. Help with an organ donor card on www.fuers-leben.de or as app”.

Michael Staf Waiting

Online viewers of the Waiting Time Experiment mini documentary discovered that in Germany patients have to wait so long for a transplant that three of them die every day. And all because too few of us have an organ donor card. Michael Stapf’s genuine identity was provided with a semi-public Facebook profile.

Michael Staf Waiting For Seven Years
Michael Staf Waiting For Seven Years

Waiting For Seven Years Credits

The Waiting For Seven Years campaign was developed at Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt, by chief creative officer Stephan Vogel, creative directors Tim Stübane and Birgit van den Valentyn, art directors Matthias Bauer and Johannes Jost, copywriter Anke Roell, account manager Iskra Velichkova, agency producer Anna-Lina Wörner, working with Foundation for Life PR manager Birgit Blome.

Filming was shot and edited by director Thomas Bausenwein via Filmmeisterei with editor Adam Snyder, director of photography Stephan Heinz, director of photography Philip Vogt and producer Dorothee Strohmaier.