Volkswagen Closer

Volkswagen has launched “Closer”, a television commercial providing a deeply moving portrait of a woman’s emotional journey that proves the best technology really does bring us closer together. A woman takes a brave leap of faith to follow her heart and drive through the night to deliver a note in person. Each scene is a moment of magic, from the lingering decision at the start, to the hypnotic connection between deer and driver and ultimate reunification of lovers. The result is a visual poem that expresses the warmth at the heart of VW technology.

Volkswagen Closer Woman

Click on the image below to play the Volkswagen Closer video in YouTube


The Closer ad was developed at Ogilvy South Africa, Cape Town, by executive creative director Chris Gotz, associate creative director Jacques Massardo, creative group head Gareth McPherson, producer Iris Vinnicombe, art director Jacques Massardo and copywriter Gareth McPherson.

Filming was shot by director Erik Van Wyk via Bouffant, Johannesburg, with producers Shannon Gloyne and Melina McDonald, director of photography Willie Nel, art directors Andrew Chandler and Di Sole.

Post production was done at Upstairs Post by editor Kobus Loots, and at Sinister by VFX artist Christian van der Walt.