Virtual Ark for Advertising World

YBTWA, an advertising agency in Israel, has developed the “Virtual Ark”, where advertising people from around the world can come and save themselves from the apocalypse predicted for December 21, 2012 (today!). YTBWA have decided not to stay indifferent to the Mayan prophecy predicting the end of world would end on December 21st 2012 and built an ark that will secure the continuation of advertising people from all around the world (well, at least virtually). You can take a place in line, explain why you deserve being saved and tour the ark’s rooms which are divided to the main advertising departments: account managing, media, planning and creative. So wether you’re an adman, a wannabe or just hypochondriac searching for the slightest chance to surviveā€¦ come tour and save a spot on YTBWA’s ark.

YBTWA Virtual Ark

Applicants joining the Virtual Ark sign up through Facebook before being given the choice of joining the ranks of Account Managing, Media, Creative, Planning or Client. Would be inhabitants of the Virtual Ark are encouraged to save a friend, and provide a reason to have themselves saved. Rooms for Accounts, Media, Creative and Planning staff are full of interactive goodies to keep occupants busy during the apocalypse.

YBTWA Virtual Ark Planners Room

YBTWA Virtual Ark Accounts Room

YBTWA Virtual Ark Creatives Room

YBTWA Virtual Ark Media Room

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