Virgin Money 40 Years of Better

Virgin has launched “40 Years of Better”, a commercial announcing Virgin Money‘s venture into merchant banking with the acquisition of Northern Rock in the UK. Filmed by science fiction film director Duncan Jones, the advert takes a sweep through Virgin Records, Virgin Galactic space tourism, Virgin Atlantic airline, Richard Branson’s hot air balloon flight, and Virgin Trains. “We’ve come a long long way over the last 40 years with the simple aim of making things better. And now our quest takes us into banking. Virgin Money, 40 years of better now in a bank.”

Virgin Money One Pound

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Filming was shot by director Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Sourcecode.

Music is “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield, and “Outlands” by Daft Punk, known for its use in Tron: Legacy.

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