Veja for iPad Feel The News

Brazil magazine Veja (See) is promoting Veja for iPad with a print advertising campaign featuring fingers that have been affected by the news portrayed on the screen. Fingertips appear smeared with blood, dipped in oil and wrinkled with exposure to water. “The most reliable Brazilian magazine brings videos, photos, and multimedia content so you can go deeper into the information.”

Veja Blood Finger

Veja Oil Finger

Veja Water Finger


The Feel The News campaign was developed at G2 Brasil, São Paulo, by executive creative director Carlos Silvério, creative director/copywriter Cristiane Albano, art director Fernando Farillo, account supervisors Sérgio Brandão, Eduardo Teixeira, Flavia Mantovanini, art buyer Soraya Borges, photographer Ricardo De Vicq. Post production was done at Burti.

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