Uniqlo Lucky Cube with Maru

Uniqlo is promoting the launch of its flagship store in San Francisco with “Lucky Cube With Maru”, an interactive site starring the YouTube superstar cat from Japan. San Francisco residents are able to log in with Facebook and watch on as Maru chooses their prize from one of four cubes. Prizes can be picked up from a Uniqlo SF Pop-Up immediately or from SF flagship store when it opens in October.

Uniqlo Lucky Cube Maru

Uniqlo Lucky Cube Maru

Click on the image below to play the Lucky Cube with Maru trailer in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Maru is an adorable, box-loving, male Scottish fold cat from Japan that has cute overloaded the entire Internet many times over. His YouTube channel has 230 videos with over 230,000 subscribers and over 172 million views. He has been inducted to YouTube Japan’s Hall of Fame after winning top honors 3 years in a row. He’s also released two books and one DVD. Click on the image below to play the I Am Maru 4 video in YouTube

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