UNICEF vs Santa

UNICEF Sweden promoted online giving to projects in the third world in 2011 with UNICEF vs Santa, an advertising campaign contrasting the agency with the popular gift giver Santa Claus. At unicef.se shoppers have the opportunity to buy actual field products such as vaccine, medicine and nutrition, to be sent to children who need them most. Gift cards describing the purchase are available to give as Christmas gifts. All in contrast to Santa Claus who “doesn’t do poor countries”.

UNICEF vs Santa I Don't Do Poor Countries

Click on the image below to play the UNICEF vs Santa video.

UNICEF vs Santa Credits

The UNICEF vs Santa campaign was developed at Forsman & Bodenfors by art director Johanna Bringefalt, copywriters Marcus Hagglof and Jacob Nelson, agency producer Magnus Kennhed and web producer Peter Gaudiano.

Filming was shot by director Tomas Skoging and editor Torbjorn Martin via ACNE, Stockholm, with producers Kalle Schroder and Robert Nathanson, and director of photography Jallo Faber. Post production was done at The Chimney Pot.

Music was by Upright Music. Sound was produced by Fredrik Sundberg at Plop.