Unborn Artists

SOS Children’s Villages is calling on unborn babies in Belgium to do something about the thousands of unborn babies in Africa do not survive their own birth. Pregnant mothers have been recruited to use the in utero movements of their unborn children to paint pictures, which are then sold to raise funds. The project, online at unbornartists.com, has a home in was created to support (). The exhibition is being displayed in the gallery of Isabella de Borchgrave

Unborn Artists site

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The Unborn Artists campaign was developed at Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, by creative directors Katrien Bottez and Geoffrey Hantson, art director Kristoff De Prins, copywriter Philippe Blondé, account director Dimitri Mundorff, account manager Louise Martens.

Filming was shot by director Benjamin Lacour with director of photography Laurens De Geyter, editor Hans Desmet, photographer Niko Caignie at Studio Space. The site was developed at The Parking Lot by graphic designers Miech Rolly and Micha Symoens.