UGC Emotions from more movies

European cinema chain UGC is running “Emotions”, an advertising campaign encouraging viewers to experience the gamut of emotions by accessing the largest possible selection of movies. The UGC Emotions television commercial shows two actors being directed to squeeze in as many emotions as possible into a 30 second time frame. Three print ads show viewers attempting to hold together the emotions associated with five different genres all at once. “More Movies. More Emotions”.

UGC Emotions Couple

UGC Emotions
UGC Emotions
UGC Emotions

UGC Emotions Credits

The UGC Emotions campaign was developed at TBWA\France, Paris, by executive creative directors Philippe Simonet, Eric Holden and Remi Noel, art director Philippe Taroux, copywriter Benoit Leroux, agency producers Virginie Chalard and Maxime Boiron, executive music producer Benoit Dunaigre (TBWA\Else), managing director Gr├ęgoire Assemat (TBWA\365), and digital production director Laurence Borne

Filming was shot by director Emma Luchini via Stink Paris with director of photography Laurent Tanguy.

Post production was done at Reepost by editor Benjamin Favreul and producer Coralie Duarte. Music, “La rencontre”, was composed by S├ębastien Cortella.