Turkish Airlines Kobe vs Messi Legends on Board

Turkish Airlines is running “Legends on Board”, a television and online commercial starring Los Angeles Lakers basketballer Kobe Bryant and Barcelona footballer Leo Messi. Filming of the two players was shot in both Istanbul (Kobe) and Barcelona (Leo), with post production done in Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey to bring them together.

Turkish Airlines Legends on Board Kobe vs Messi

Click on the image below to play the Legends on Board video.

Legends on Board Credits

The Legends on Board campaign was developed at Alametifarika, Istanbul, by Kenan Ünsal, Emrah Karpuzcu, Can Bilginer, Huseyin Sandık, Emre Abay, Nilufer Acar, Sertuğ Alptekin and Çağrı Ark.

Filming was shot by director Marco Grandia via Electric Zoo, Amsterdam, Film Colony, Istanbul, and Only 925, Madrid, with director of photography Mick Coulter.

Post production was done at The Ambassadors, Amsterdam, and Filimişleri, Istanbul.