Travelport Office Antlympics

British software producer Travelport is running “Office Antlympics”, an online advertising campaign designed for the Youtube “fail’ community. Stuntman Tony Christian, who died in Prometheus, was shot with an arrow in Robin Hood and fell off a broomstick at Hogwarts, was asked to row, swing and jump his way over office hurdles all for the cause of the Travelport Smartpoint App.

TravelPort Olympic hurdles

Could your agents be doing more this summer? If you’re looking to achieve immediate productivity gains, reduce costs and take advantage of new travel content and functionality as it becomes available, then look no further. Travelport Smartpoint App makes the lives of your agents easier and more productive strengthening your most valuable assets, your existing people and technology! Click on the image below to play the Take that Leap video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Join the Crew video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Raise your Bar video in YouTube


Filming was shot by director Alex Kemp via Connected Pictures, London, with executive producers Peter Penny, Adam Penny and Jon Ayres.

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