TNT Augmented Stamps for Future in Motion

Amsterdam agency Gummo was approached by TNT Post to design a series of stamps that would connect the public with extraordinary and yet to be completed architectural projects in the Netherlands. Together with the Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) Gummo selected five visionary projects. But when Gummo realised that the size of the stamp would limit the agency in showing the projects in their full glory, it became inspired to use augmented reality. Visitors to the Toekomst in Beweging (Future in motion) site are able to use the stamps and a webcam to explore an interactive version of the projects. A bonus AR image of the renovated NAi building is made available when the whole stamp set is presented at once. The Future in Motion project won a Yellow Pencil for Stamps Design at the 2012 D&AD Awards this week.

TNT Augmented Reality Stamps Future in Motion

Click on the image below to play the case study video.


The Future in Motion project was developed at Gummo, Amsterdam, and produced by DPI Animation House in The Hague. Visualization was by A2 Studio.