Titanic Themed Print Advertising

With the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic on Saturday April 14, it’s time to review the last five years in advertising associated with the ill fated ship. Clearly, had the ship gone down ten years ago, advertisers would have steered clear in deference to those grieving or surviving the disaster. James Cameron’s classic film Titanic provided visual references recognisable around the world, making it possible to connect with current experience rather than mere knowledge of history books.

Titanic Thumbnails

Utopolis Reality Sucks

Utopolis cinemas in Belgium reminded viewers that million dollar budgets make all the difference. See the whole Reality Sucks campaign by Duval Guillaume.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Titanic Poster

Denver Museum of Nature and Science designed a poster that takes us deep into the factors leading to the sinking of the Titanic, promoting their Titanic Exhibition in June 2007. See the whole Titanic Exhibit campaign, developed by Carmichael Lynch.

Megastar Cineplex Titanic poster

Megastar Cineplex network in Vietnam included Titanic the movie in their campaign promoting the big screen. See the whole Bigger Movies campaign, developed by Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam.

How To Visit the Wreck of the Titanic

Sanlam Investments in South Africa provided a seven step list for getting to visit the wreck of The Titanic in a print advertising campaign promoting the benefits of wealth. See the whole With Wealth Anything is Possible campaign, developed by The Jupiter Drawing Room.

Code Red Films Titanic

Code Red Films in Mumbai, India, provided a list of continuity errors in the Titanic movie. See the whole Eye for Detail campaign, developed by Contract Advertising.

Sim2 Titanic print ad

Sim2 multimedia digital projectors were promoted in Australia with a campaign including a wall with flood mark, a suitable surface for screening Titanic the movie. See the whole Sim2 Walls campaign, developed by The Furnace.

BILD Titanic advertisement

BILD newspaper in Germany wondered what would have happened if BILD had been in print when the Titanic was launched. See the whole BILD Facts campaign, developed by Jung von Matt.

Solidarites Titanic & September 11 print ad

French humanitarian organisation Solidarites used the sinking of the Titanic in a print ad referring to the 8 million people who lose their lives each year because of a lack of drinkable water. See the whole Equations campaign, developed by BBDP & Fils, Paris.

TAM Airlines Titanic movie

TAM Airlines provided aerial shots of movies, including Titanic, in their promotion of in-flight entertainment. See the whole At 35000 Feet campaign, developed by Y&R Sao Paulo.

Volkswagen Ship

Volkswagen in Chile used the image of a woman weeping at the departure of an ocean liner, perhaps the Titanic, to illustrate the fact that prices will not return. See the whole Prices Will Not Return campaign, developed at La Mesa, Santiago.

Karcher Titanic ad

Karcher immersion pumps in Germany were given a work out on the sea bed where the Titanic lies, leading to this print ad from FJR Munich.

Old Timer Boot Club Zurich Titanic ad

Old Timer Boot Club in Zurich used the classic Titanic bow scene to recruit new members. See more on the Titanic ad by Krieg Schlupp Bürge/Springer & Jacoby.

Sanyo Xacti Titanic scene

The Sanyo Xacti CA8 waterproof camera is given a workout in this recreation of the Titanic bow scene from Australia. See more on the Sanyo Xacti Titanic ad, including credulous comments, by Whybin\TBWA.

Rios Illustration Titanic ad

Otavio Rios puts his photography and retouching skills to good use in this self-promotion campaign, including Titanic. See the whole Anything on Paper campaign, by Artplan.

ShowOff Films Titanic vs Iceberg ad

ShowOff Filmes in Lisbon included RMS Titanic and an iceberg in their self-promotion campaign. See the whole “Because there are already enough ways to kill an idea” campaign, developed by Fuel Lisbon.

Orange Foundation Titanic ad

Orange Foundation provided a few key words to summarize the plot of the 1997 film Titanic. See the whole Audio Description campaign, developed by Ignition K, Madrid.

Opticas Schilling Titanic ad

Opticas Schilling in Chile created the safe arrival of the Titanic in New York as a reminder of the importance of good sight. See the See More ad, developed by Unitas/RNL, Santiago.

Suraj Pixels in Titanic

Suraj Electronics in Mumbai used pixels to recreate a scene from Titanic the movie. See the whole Pixels campaign, developed by JWT Mumbai.

Vodafone Titanic ad

Vodafone brought the Titanic movie onto the small screen with the use of a model ship and a small hunk of ice. See the whole Big Movies Mobile Size campaign, developed by Scholz & Friends NRW, Dusseldorf.

IFFCO Tokio Titanic ad

Indian insurance company IFFCO Tokio used the sinking of the Titanic to remind customers that good insurance plans are needed when tempting fate. See the whole Tempting Fate campaign, developed by Publicis India.

Washin Optical Bon Voyage

Washin Optical in Japan ran a print ad showing the Titanic’s moonlit wake as it avoided the fateful iceberg, wishing customers “Bon Voyage”. See more on the Bon Voyage ad, developed by Grey Tokyo.

Drasus Zodis Titanic ad

Drąsus žodis (Brave Word), the Lithuanian chapter of Transparency International, provided a new slant on the Titanic bow scene in their promotion of films about corruption. See the whole Corruption Movies campaign, developed at BOX, Vilnius.

Ford Ka Titanic ad

Ford promoted the 500 Ford Ka special deal in Spain with a print advertising campaign with the tag line, “Price That Will Never Return”, including an illustration featuring the Titanic. See more on the whole Never To Return campaign, developed at Bassat Ogilvy, Madrid.

Braun Titanic Hair Disaster ad

Braun used a hairy version of the Titanic’s sinking to promote the Silk epil Xpressive wet and dry epilator. See the whole Unwanted Hair Disasters campaign, developed at Impact BBDO, UAE.

Bulmers Cider on Ice Titanic ad

Bulmer’s Cider in Australia was promoted as the drink to have with ice in a campaign including a reference to the impact of ice on The Titanic. See the whole Best on Ice campaign, developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

Faber Castell Titanic ad

Faber Castell highlighter pens are used to retrospectively remind us of the unheeded warnings made throughout history, including a note about lifeboats for the Titanic. See the whole Highlights campaign, developed by Y&R Malaysia.

Listerine Titanic ad

No one follows bad breath, even on the deck of the Titanic, according to this print ad for Listerine. See the whole campaign, developed by JWT Mumbai.

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