The Roger Federer World Tour 2012

Credit Suisse partnership with Roger Federer is highlighted in The Roger Federer World Tour 2012, an advertising campaign presenting the tennis player as a “racket star” on tour. Federer, finalist at Wimbledon in 2012, is presented as an entertainer, on the road 320 days a year, captivating thousands of people with his prowess and the elegance of his game, in the world’s top tennis arenas.

Roger Federer World Tour on Motorcycle

A desert somewhere on the planet with the evening sun casting long shadows. A man sits nonchalantly on his Harley Davidson, which is parked by the side of a dusty road, and waits. His clothing – leather jacket, white T-shirt, jeans – is both simple and elegant; on his back he has slung a kind of guitar case. The man has the aura of a star. But if you think this is a famous rock guitarist you’re on the wrong track. The man certainly knows a thing or two about strings and regularly appears before crowds in massive arenas. But his instrument of choice isn’t the guitar, it’s the tennis racket. And the venues in which his fans celebrate his skills aren’t concert halls, they’re the world’s most famous tennis stadiums. The man is none other than the most successful tennis player of all time: Roger Federer.

The three other images used in the campaign were also produced in the style of a photo journal of the tour. In one of them Roger stands with his racket case outside a motel in the middle of nowhere, the epitome of the footloose traveling musician. In another he’s speeding towards the horizon along a lonely country road with only his face visible in the car’s rear-view mirror. The fourth campaign photo shows Federer at his coolest with sunglasses, a backstage pass and just the hint of a smile.

Roger Federer World Tour outside motel
Roger Federer World Tour in Mirror
Roger Federer World Tour with Pass

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Click on the image below to play the The Waiting Has an End Racket Star behind-the-scenes video.

Roger Federer World Tour Credits

The World Tour campaign was developed at Euro RSCG London in conjunction with Credit Suisse, by creative director Gerry Moira, art director Phil Beamont and art buyer Kate Blumer, with photographer Jim Fiscus.