The Lost Choir – Mad World

The Wuppertaler Kurrende Boy’s Choir appears in The Lost Choir – Mad World, a music video promoting the work of the International Children’s Fund on Universal Children’s Day, November 20. The Lost Choir demonstrates the sad reality that every three seconds the world loses a child. Again, this year many children will not see their fifth birthday. The reasons for this tragedy are diverse; hunger, malnutrition, dirty water or the absence of vaccine protection. Every single one of these problems can weaken the immune system so much that avoidable diseases lead to life-threatening danger.

Lost Choir Mad World

Click on the image below to play the Lost Choir – Mad World video.

Lost Choir Credits

The Lost Choir Mad World film was developed at Grey Düsseldorf by chief creative officer Roland Vanoni, creative directors Mark Hendy and Neil Elliot, creative Dominik Janning, art director Michael Kucharski, producer Anne Parlesch, account manager Anna-Christin Saric.

Filming was produced at Parasol Island by producer Kim Düsselberg, director of photography Tim Neiser and 2nd unit director Lukas Remie. Sound was produced at Class Berger. Post production was done by Dennis Guth. Mastering was done at Studio Funk by Marco Manzo.