The Gnome Experiment

Precision scale brand Kern has been running The Gnome Experiment, a global project designed to explore the phenomenon in which gravity varies in different parts of the world. A case is travelling the world containing a set of scales and a test weight, a Gnome, to measure this phenomenon. Scientists can volunteer to weigh him and then record the data at, the home of the campaign. The story has reached 355 million people in 152 countries and is a TED talk. It is also on the educational curriculum in some countries. Entries from around the world are documented on the Gnome Diary Tumblr page. The campaign won a Gold for Direct at the 2012 Eurobest Awards, following on from Silver Direct Lion and Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes.

The Gnome Experiment kit

Click on the image below to play the Gnome Experiment video.

The Gnome Experiment site
The Gnome Experiment site
The Gnome Experiment in Antarctica
The Gnome Experiment in Sydney

Gnome Experiment Credits

The Gnome Experiment was developed at Ogilvy Group UK, London, by executive creative directors Emma de la Fosse and Charlie Wilson, creative director/social media creative and art director Nick Hearne, creative director/art director Graham Jenks, creative director/copywriter James Nester, photographer Piet Johnson, social media creative Nick Hearne, PR lead Blair Metcalfe, digital producer Aphrodite Paxinou, PR analyst Pete Dyson, PR manager Allan Edwards, website developer Chris Hanes, developers Teresa Chao, Fahim Chowdhury and Daniel Tanner.