The Art of Shaving Brotherhood

The Art of Shaving, the Procter & Gamble owned luxury men’s grooming brand, has introduced a series of online films and interactive features designed to introduce distinct “Brotherhood” personalities. The Brotherhood of Shaving campaign, online at, has been released to concide with celebration of the brand’s 15th anniversary. Six brothers, the Gentleman Shaver, the Old Soul, the Shaving Savant, the Reformed Troglodyte, the Ambassador of Smooth and the Incurable Romantic, represent male individual archetypes in a post-metrosexual, post-Mad Men world. The campaign is brought to life with poster adverts that showcase each character with a single execution that brings together all six personalities.

The Incurable Romantic

The Old Soul Brotherhood of Shaving
The Philanthrostache Brotherhood of Shaving
The Shaving Savant Brotherhood of Shaving
The Gentleman Shaver Brotherhood of Shaving
The Reformed Troglodyte Brotherhood of Shaving
I Will Not Rush Brotherhood of Shaving

Ambassador of Smooth

We’ve all known one of these incredible men. They just have a way about them. Exuding masculinity and self-assuredness in equal doses; spreading a blanket of calm wherever they go. A man for a crisis. Mover, shaker and problem solver rolled into one. No issue is so insurmountable that it should interrupt his daily routine. After all, priorities… priorities… Click on the image below to play the Ambassador of Smooth video in Vimeo (HD)

Reformed Troglodyte

The evolution of man defined (in this case over just a couple of weeks…). Transformed from brooding caveman to dashing gent, this member of The Brotherhood is a man handsomely reborn. Shedding a hairy past along with a fair amount of facial hair. The question is, does the fresh groom and sharp suit really fit? Click on the image below to play the Reformed Troglodyte video in Vimeo (HD)

Gentleman Shaver

Never one to complain or cause a fuss, ever deferential, ever the gentleman, this member of The Brotherhood is not about to make waves. Perhaps a touch old-fashioned, he believes there is a proper way to go about things. He puts women on a pedestal. And would not think of breaching etiquette, even when it comes easily to those around him. But still, like any self-respecting male, he does enjoy his private time in the bathroom. His only problem is finding it. Click on the image below to play the Gentleman Shaver video in Vimeo (HD)

Brotherhood of Shaving Credits

The Brotherhood of Shaving campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, senior creative director/copywriter Kara Goodrich, senior creative director/art director Cesar Finemori, copywriter Dana Stalker, executive producers Peter Feldman and Diane Hill.

Filming was shot by director Ben Briand via The Institute with director of photography Eigil Bryld, executive producer Scott Gardenhour and producer Kati Haberstock.

Editor was Michael Saia at jumP.