The Book That Can’t Wait

Eterna Cadencia, an independent publisher and bookstore in Argentina, published “The Book That Can’t Wait” (El libro que no puede esperar) to launch a new anthology Latin American authors. Working with DraftFCB they developed an ink that would disappear when it came into contact with sunlight and air, meaning that once the book was opened the words would only last for two months before disappearing. Advertising pointed out that if people don’t read new authors soon, they may never be able to. The first edition was sold out the very first day of the launch, and thousands of requests were made to purchase the book.

The Book That Can't Wait

Click on the image below to play the Book That Can’t Wait case study video in YouTube

The Book That Can't Wait

The Book That Can't Wait

The Book That Can't Wait


The Book That Can’t Wait campaign was developed at DraftFCB, Buenos Aires, by executive creative director Javier Campopiano, creative director Lulo CaliĆ³, copywriter Lucas Bongioanni, art director Javier Agena Agoya, working with Eterna Cadencia staff Eleonora Djament and Claudia Arce.

Filming was shot by director Alejo y Santi via Gloria Films with producers Diego Huesca and Lila Romero.

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    donde puedo comprar este libro???