TBWA\Vietnam QRistmas Tree

TBWA\Vietnam’s 2011 holiday greeting card involved QR codes and the 12 days of Christmas, put together to make what the agency calls the “first ever QRistmas Tree”. The QRistmas Tree card has twelve QR codes, each designed with an icon representing an item in the 12 days (hens, rings etc). When you scan each one, it activates a video link that activates a specific section of the song.

TBWA Vietnam QRistmas tree card

Click on the image below to play the QRistmas Tree video.

TBWA Vietnam QRistmas tree

QRistmas Tree Credits

The QRistmas Tree was produced at TBWA\Vietnam by executive creative director/art director/copywriter Patric Tom, associate creative director/copywriter Fandindra Jain, art director Khanh Mai, designer Tram Tran and account manager Tan Nguyen.