Switzerland Holidays Without Internet

Switzerland Tourism ran “Holidays Without Internet”, an interactive campaign designed to help people trapped by internet access. People were invited to compete for the chance to spend their holidays in a cabin with no internet connection and no mobile reception. Because the campaign was directed at online junkies, it also took place online, at www.holidayswithoutinternet.com. Sebi and Paul, the two mountaineers from Switzerland Tourism Advertising, appeared on the site sitting in front of their laptops and chatting with each other. Visitors could connect with them through Facebook, to have their personal Facebook photos, posts and online time analyzed. The two then recommended those Facebook junkies enter the contest for holidays without internet and no mobile phone reception. After just a few days Facebook stopped the app. After a week of online protests Facebook reinstated the page, allowing a competition to proceed.

Swiss Holidays Without Internet

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The Holidays Without Internet campaign was developed at Spillmann/Felser/Leo-Burnett by creative director Martin Spillmann, creative director/copywriter Peter Brönnimann, and art director Dana Wirz, working with Patrick Mueller at SMLY Social Media Productions.