Sunday Times Driving Whatever Drives You

News International (NI) is launching a multi-media campaign to promote the arrival of its new classified advertising site for premium cars, Sunday Times Driving ( which goes live on 1 October. The campaign will launch on 1 October highlighting Sunday Times Driving’s positioning as the most entertaining, definitive resource for buying premium cars online. The campaign is based on premium car buyers’ wish to find a vehicle that fits their lifestyle. Car aficionados might have a yearning to hear the roar of a throaty V12 every morning, whereas parents might be more concerned with silencing the wails of their toddler with Peppa Pig on the backseat’s TV. The campaign plays on these different desires and promises: “Whatever drives you, you’ll find a premium used car that fits at”

Sunday Times Cityscape Landscape

Sunday Times Cylinders and Cupholders

The ad campaign follows a teaser campaign which kicked off last Sunday 23 September. Both campaigns were planned and created by News International’s Team News. The Sunday Times Driving team is headed by general manager Chris Taylor who oversees head of sales Steve O’Meara and sales director Ian Webber.


The Sunday Times Driving campaign was developed at Grey London by copywriter Dan Cole, art director Andy Garnett, planner Stephen King. Media was planned at mSix by David Jackson.

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