Steiff Don’t be afraid of the dark

German film director Denis Parchow has released “Don’t be afraid of the Dark”, a spec commercial for Steiff teddy bears. A young boy’s nightmare encounter with a monster in the forest becomes more intense when it breaks through window into his bedroom. The last line of defense is the boy’s teddy bear.

Steiff Forest Monster

Click on the image below to play the Steiff video.

Don’t be afraid of the Dark Credits

Filming was shot by director Denis Parchow via Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, with producers Lydia Lohse and Nico Kreis, director of photography Stephan Burchardt, production designer Friederike Roolf, editor Don Oliver

Music was composed by Jasmin Reuter. Audio post production was by sound designer Namralata ‘Nami’ Strack

Visual effects were produce at Pixomondo, Stuttgart, by VFX producers Boris T. Düpre, VFX supervisors Philipp Wolf and Philip Lücke, assistant producer Vanessa Päplow.

The monster suit was made by Susanne at Figurenhelden. Dawid from Movie-Do was the stuntman inside. Puppeteers were Freda Winter, Christopher Levermann, Stefano Trambusti, and Lennart Morgenstern.