Spay Your Dog

AILA, (Aliança Internacional do Animal) in Brazil supports the neutering of cats and dogs, as portrayed in this print advertising campaign by Fischer & Friends. Millions of animals are abandoned, get sick and end up dead, raising the chances of zoonosis, inter-species spread of disease. The philanthropic non-governmental non-profit organisation believes that it is possible to avoid this scenario by castrating your pet.

Aila Spay Your Dog

Aila Spay Your Dog


The Spay Your Dog campaign was developed at Fischer & Friends, Sao Paulo, by executive creative director Mario D’Andrea, creative directors Rafael Merel and Marcelo Fedrizzi, art director Breno Balbino, editor Flavio Ferri, art buyer Leo Lopes, account director Alex Isnenghi, media planner Adrian Ferguson, working with AILA marketing director Marta Giraldes.

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