Sony XBA with Midnight Juggernauts

Sony has partnered with Melbourne band Midnight Juggerauts to help promote their new top-of-the-line headphones – Sony XBAs. In support, they’ve launched a microsite featuring a 3 minute clip by the band, documenting the remixing of one of their favourite tracks. Sony’s range of in-ear Balanced Armature Headphones let you experience music as it was meant to be heard, using up to four tiny sound producing drivers, including a tweeter, woofer and even superwoofer in each headphone. Midnight Juggernauts and their sound engineer Byron Scullin remixed their 2009 track, “This New Technology” to demonstrate the headphone’s hi-fi quality. People can download the new track for free from the Sony XBA site and use it to trial the sound difference on XBA headphones.

Sony Juggernauts Mixer Byron Scullinr

Sony Juggernauts Test
Sony Juggernauts Amplifier
Sony XBA Earbuds

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