Sony Bravia Flowers

Sony is running “Flowers”, a television commercial using natural environments to showcase the colour range of the Sony Bravia. Starting from a lone TV with the image of a beautiful flower growing from a vast barren landscape, the scenes gradually progress to show even more flowers appearing on the TVs that are set in different nature environments. To transform the landscape with millions of flowers in Sony Bravia Flowers, a mixture of techniques was enlisted including beautifully filmed plates and the compositing of real and CG elements.

Sony Bravia Flowers

Sony Bravia Flowers Credits

The Flowers ad was developed at Frontage, Tokyo, by executive creative director Hideo Tanaka, art director Junji Fujimori, art director Takeshi Oketani, copywriters Yuki Asai and Cheelip Ong, PL Yui Kashima, producer Satoko Kanno and account executive Ken Taguma.

Filming was shot by director Luke Savage via Flying Fish with producer Leela Menon, executive producer James Moore and director of photography John Toon.

Editor was Nathan Pickles. Visual effects were produced at Blockhead.