Skittles Walrus

Wrigley‘s latest Skittles television commercial, “Walrus”, reminds us that not all walrus boyfriends look the same. The spot features a seemingly deceived woman catching her BFF making out with what appears to be her own walrus boyfriend. “This isn’t Bobby. He just looks like Bobby. He said he’s like these new Skittles Riddles. The colors on the outside don’t match the flavors on the inside. Like this one: it’s green, but really it’s fruit punch.”

Skittles Walrus

Deceive the Rainbow. Taste the rainbow. Click on the image below to play the Skittles Walrus video in YouTube


The Walrus Riddles ad was developed at DDB Chicago by chief creative officer Ewan Paterson, executive creative director Mark Gross, associate creative director/copywriter Kevin Goff, associate creative director/art director Blake Winfree, executive producer Will St. Clair, assistant producer Jamie Gallant.

Filming was shot by director Martin Granger via Moxie Pictures with executive producers Robert Fernandez and Karol Zeno, head of production Roger Zorovich, and producer Heidi Soltesz.

Editor was John Smith at Whitehouse Post with executive producer Dan Bryant.

Visual effects were produced at Moving Picture Company, Los Angeles, by producer Nicole Fina, VFX supervisor Michael Wynd, VFX supervisor/3D lead Ross Denner, lighter Fred Durand, lead 3D artist/compositor Ryan Knowles, 2D artists/compositors Elliott Brennan and Lisa Ryan.

  • Donna Carroll

    This is the most disgusting commercial I have ever seen. Your whole staff should be fired. You expect me to want to purchase your product for my kids…your out of you head. I prefer to spend my money on a brand that has better taste in creativity. You went from over the rainbow to in the gutter. Donna Carroll

    • Jared

      “Everyone, get in here. I know we’re one of the largest, most successful ad agencies in the world and have offices on most of its continents, but I’m afraid we’re all fired. Every last one of us. No – no, there’s nothing I can do. This comes straight from the top. That’s right, Donna Carroll herself.”

  • Emily O.

    I agree with Donna – who in their right mind would have ever agreed to make this commercial. It makes me want to throw-up. I hope my kids don’t see this commercial. I would like to see them be the one making out with this walrus and see how their families like it. AWFUL!!!

    • Perry

      Wow, you’re humorless.

      As for myself, DDB, more walrusexual ads, please. That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

  • Sue Harding

    I agree. I have seen some disturbing commercials in my time but this one is horrid & I am boycotting all Wrigley’s products until the company pulls this commercials & apologizes to the public.

    • Jared

      I feel a groundswell coming on. The Jim Henson Company’s tiff with Chik-Fil-A will seem like a vacation memory when you get done making Wrigley’s pay for this injustice.

  • Dawn

    I agree.. This is over the top DISGUSTING!!!! Makes me sick! Can’t believe Wrigley’s would stoop this low. Wow! Won’t be buying Skittles again for a very long time!

  • Marisa

    I think this is hilarious. People that commented above… Pick and choose you battles and have a sense of humor for goodness sakes. Your kids will be better off.

  • Doug

    This is one of the most original and inventive, mind-blowing ads I have ever seen. I applaud the creative team who came up with this, whatever you may have been smoking or ingesting!!


    I love skittles, but I have to say I can’t stand the walrus commercial. No, it’s not funny, its just disgusting. I run to change the station when it comes on. Creepy beyond creepy guys.

  • Amber

    It’s beastiality. Not cute. Not funny. Just plain disgusting.

  • Robbaz

    Goddammit Walrus! Why can’t you be more like Oslo, you kinky bastard. No more children for you!

    • Dennis

      Haha Robbaz is the best! This commercial makes my nipples hard as diamonds!

  • Brian

    It’s tasteless and stupid, but I believe there is an oblique sexual reference here based on the alleged zoological trivia that the male walrus is reputed to have the largest penis of any creature on the planet. Obviously most people don’t get the joke, and I’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing, but it was clearly a poor decision by all concerned.

  • Elpidia

    I normally like Skittles, but ,seeing this commercial makes me want to NOT buy them anymore ! Wt- heck where they thinking to move forward and air this commercial. It’s such poor taste and crude, to show a woman making out with a walrus. It was not funny at all and certainly didn’t portray the message or purpose of the product.

    “/ ugh. Gross, is all I could think after watching the commercial, just plain gross.

  • Jen-LA

    Vomit inducing, disgusitng on every level. A dirty, filthy, zoo animal with smelly urine and feces in the cage images overwhelm my senses when I shockingly watched this in horror. Unimaginable, to stage a teen innocent girl mouth open kissing this beast with sexual moans, and associate attempt selling a food “candy” product is beyond sickening, aimed at our little kids. I want to throw-up. Any sane parent will forever unfortuantely remember this nauseating visual and always pass over skittles for a family friendly, respectful candy product for our kids. Wrigleys must have drugged out imbecile zombies as employees intentionally offending every adult to even think this garbage would sell a food product. I want to barf….

  • mia

    It IS pretty disgusting – but not only that, it’s stupid as hell. It is not artistically clever. Nor is it ironic or whatever it may be defenders of it apparently find appealing (which nobody can seem to pinpoint in an intelligible way). Its dumb. I’m not usually one to complain about such things, but this is an exception.

  • christine humphrey

    hate hate hate it so much that i will never buy skittles again. makes me sick to my stomach. i think a child could write a better commercial.

  • Barry

    All of the skittles commercials are stupid but this one is the worst so far. All of the idiots who made it should be fired. It’s not funny in the slightest it’s just moronic. I guess that’s who their target audience is morons. Hey execs at Wrigley’s, stupid commercials do not make people want to buy your product it causes people to never buy your product again!