Skittles Life at High School

Wrigley is continuing the Skittles Rainbow advertising campaign with three new commercials set in the challenging setting of life at high school. Skittles afflicted teenagers in Bleachers, Cranky and Mentor must come to terms with the desire of their peers to contract, crank or pluck the Rainbow.

Skittles Pox

Warning signs of a Skittles pox outbreak include Rainbow colors, increased dating prospects and loud “Mmmm” sounds from the afflicted. Contract the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.® Click on the image below to play the Bleachers video in YouTube (HD)

Skittles dispensers have feelings, too! Crank the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.® Click on the image below to play the Cranky video in YouTube (HD)

It’s not a unibrow. It’s a Rainbow. Pluck the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.® Click on the image below to play the Mentor video in YouTube (HD)


Bleachers and Cranky were developed at DDB Chicago by chief creative officer Ewan Paterson, executive creative director Mark Gross, associate creative director/copywriter Pat Burke (Bleachers), associate creative director/art director Chris Carraway (Bleachers), creative director/art director Mike Porritt (Cranky), creative director/copywriter Frank Oles (Cranky), executive producer Will St. Clair, assistant producer Jamie Gallant, production manager Scott Terry.

Mentor was developed at LatinWorks by chief creative officer Sergio Alcocer, group creative director Noerberto Zylerberg and copywriter Nick Garza.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz via Boxer Films with producer John Barreiro.

Post production was done at Filmworkers Club by executive producer Lisa Long, colorist Fred Keller and VFX director/Flame artist Rob Churchill.

Editors were Carlos Lowenstein (Bleachers), Tim Warmanen (Cranky) and Brian Gannon (Mentor) at Whitehouse Post, Chicago, with executive producer Dan Bryant and producer Dawn Guzowski.

Audio post production was done at GuN by mixer Nick Papaleo.

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