Shush the Casbah

NAL Sound, a music rehearsal studio in the North Vancouver area, rents out rooms to aspiring rock musicians. Spring Advertising worked with NAL Sound to produce a poster inspired by The Clash 1982 track, “Rock the Casbah”. A guitar lead is used to spell out the challenge, “Shush the Casbah”, while the alternative “Get a room” is stenciled onto a guitar practice amp. “NAL Sound Jam Space”. A casbah (qaṣba) is an armed citadel, particularly in Algeria. The original Clash song referred to the banning of rock and disco music in Iran.

Shush The Casbah


The Shush The Casbah poster was developed at Spring Advertising, Vancouver, by creative director/copywriter Rob Schlyecher, art director/photographer Jeremy Grice, account director Mandy Hurford.

Click on the image below to play the The Clash – Rock The Casbah video in YouTube

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