Sexual Assault Posters

Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre, Carsa Inc in Canada joined forces with a wide range of charities recently to raise awareness of the long term impact of sexual assault. A person sexually abused at a young age is much more likely to suffer consequences (addiction, incarceration, depression, violence, etc.) if that initial abuse is not addressed. BBDO New York recruited the region’s ten largest high-profile charities to feature Susan Etienne, the fictional woman shown on CARSA’s poster, in their own advertising, as a way of saying that she may end up representing their cause if she doesn’t get the help she needs.

CARSA Susan Etienne Poster

The posters contained the message, in a little yellow circle, which said, “It all started with sexual abuse”, with a URL linking back to the original poster. The posters were hung together to show the after-shocks of abuse and the likelihood of one woman becoming the poster child of multiple social ills. The campaign is ongoing, and more charities are signing up every day.

CARSA Susan Etienne Posters


The Sexual Assault poster campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officer David Lubars, creative director/art director/designer/writer James Clunie, copywriter Chris Beresford-Hill and photographer Billy Siegrist.

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