Save the Children from Vicious Circles

Save The Children Mexico ran an advertising campaign, “Kitchen Circle”, “Living Room Circle” and “Bedroom Circle”, demonstrating the sad reality that 70% of abused children turn into abusive adults. The campaign was recognised with a Gold Outdoor Lion and Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. “Donate at”.

Save The Children Kitchen Circle

Save The Children Living Room Circle

Save The Children Bedroom Circle


The Circles campaign was developed at Y&R México by chief creative officers Rafael Barthaburu and Esteban Sacco, creative director Francisco Ferro, copywriters Auber Romero, Gumaro Davila, Salvador Lara, art directors José Mario Muñoz, Oscar Chávez, Ana Segurajáuregui, heads of art Oscar Cuevas, Francisco Hernandez, agency producers Ivonne Cortes and Adrian Ramos, account manager Alvaro Dopico, working with photographer Ale Burset, retoucher Diego Speroni at F16 Productions, Circo Films executive producer Chon Alatorre and producer Damiana Marin.

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