Samusocial and A Woman’s Nightmare

Samu Social de Paris, an organisation focused on the needs of the homeless, commissioned “Cauchemar de femme” (A Woman’s Nightmare, a short film designed to raise support for the organisation’s women’s emergency shelter, Le Centre d’Hébergement in Jean Rostand d’Ivry sur Seine hospital. Hosted online at and, the video follows a homeless woman chased by two men. When she arrives at the door of the women’s homeless shelter she bangs on the door with all her force, screaming for help. A pop up appears with a countdown timer of 20 seconds and the following text: “To keep the Shelter open, sign the petition by sharing it on Facebook/Twitter.” If the viewer signs the petition, the door of the shelter opens, the girl enters and the two attackers remain outside. If the viewer does not sign the petition, the door does not open, and the girl is left outside, captured by the two attackers. The project won Gold for TV/Cinema/Online Film — Public Service/Social Welfare at the London International Awards held last week.

Samusocial a Woman's Nightmare

“In 2011, 4086 homeless women called ’emergency 115′ in Paris. 601 women found themselves in harm’s way at least once on the streets. 16?082 aggressions against women were registred at the Shelter. Given refuge by Samusocial de Paris, these vulnerable women are nervertheless marginalized and cut off from their families and friends, and are regulary victims of assault. Without your crucial support, the only Samusocial Women’s Shelter in Paris will be permanently shut down on May 31, 2012”. Click on the image below to play the Woman’s Nightmare video..

18,000 signatures were shared on Facebook and Twitter during the first week. On the tenth day of the campaign, Samusocial of Paris received a mandate from the government announcing that the shelter would definitively remain open.

The nightmare concept was continued in a print advertising campaign later in the year, encouraging people to stop the nightmare in which one in three homeless women are victims of rape. These two ads point to the Samusocial Brussels web site.

Samusocial Stop the Woman's Nightmare print ad
Samusocial Stop the Woman's Nightmare print ad


The Woman’s Nightmare campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by global chief creative officer Olivier Altmann, executive creative director/copywriter Veronique Sels, art director Bastien Grisolet, digital planner Guillaume Sabbagh, agency producers Pierre Marcus and Timothe Rosenberg, account directors Patrick Lara, Emmanuelle Henry and Debora Guarachi working with Samusocial team Eric Molinie, Stefania Parigi and Valerie Coton.

Filming was shot by director Frédéric Schoendoerffer via Quad Productions, Paris, with producer Martin Coulais and editor Stephane Couturier. Post production was done at Digital District, Paris. Sound and music were produced by sound designer Olivier Guillou and composer Bruno Coulais.