Rustomjee Childhoods Available

Rustomjee, a housing development company in Mumbai, India, chose to focus on child-friendly principles in a print and outdoor advertising campaign launched in Otober 2011. In a world of luxury, sometimes the true luxury is giving your child a childhood.

Rustomjee Childhood Stories print advertisement

Rustomjee Childhood Tree print advertisement

Rustomjee Childhood Carpet print advertisement

Rustomjee Childhood Words print advertisement

Rustomjee Childhood Square Feet outdoor advertisement


The Childhood campaign was developed at Ideas@work, Mumbai, by creative director/copywriter Zarvan Patel, creative director Prashant Godbole, art directors Manoj Gorde and Sriram Mandale, copywriters Karthik Smetacek, Hemant Jain, Dominic Braganza, Raghav Sikka, Shahan Karanjia, account manager Ritwik Saha, designer/illustrator Pascal Campion, working with Rustomjee’s in-house marketing team, Vijay Cidambaram and team at organisational branding firm Gentre of Gravity, and Rutu Modi.

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