Robin’s Egg for Emotional Support

Richmond advertising agency The Martin Agency has produced “Robin’s Egg”, a smartphone app initially designed primarily for Robin Long, a longtime employee and much-loved friend battling cancer. A small group began working on a way to support Robin. They asked the people of Shockoe, Richmond, to submit voicemails of their best comedic performances, hoping to send Robin one joke a day to make her laugh in the face of a daunting treatment. The responses were good. The next step was to produce an app with visual voicemail, artwork generated by sound. Creatives at The Martin Agency provided their best procrastination-inspired doodle art, including friendly bears, hearts with biceps, fat cats, jazz musicians and superheroes. Finally the creative team presented “Robin’s Egg” to Robin. She smiled. What started as a voicemail grew into a bright blue egg full of random joy. And now that it’s available in the App Store, people everywhere can create their own Robin’s Eggs and keep the love going. The wheels are already spinning for version 2.0.

Robin's Egg

Meet Robin's Egg
Robin's Egg Inspiration


Robin’s Egg was developed at The Martin Agency by chief creative officer John Norman, executive creative director/copywriter Joe Alexander, group creative director Fabio Casta, copywriter Miranda Morgan, art director Matthew McDonald, developer Zach Ensign, producer Travis Smith, with illustration from The Martin Agency staff.