Ricola Music Edition

Ricola, a brand of cough drops and breath mints in Switzerland, is known for its traditional blend of thirteen natural herbs. The provision of instant relief, even to the most strained throats, is visualised with the help of the wrapping paper. The Music Edition, an illustrated release, turns the drops into the heads of suffering singers. Each and every throat appears to be constricted. However, when you unwrap a bonbon, the throat is relieved and all hoarseness disappears. Print advertising presented the five characters: Rockabilly, Pop star, Opera singer, Rapper and Punk Rocker, with the tag line, “Unwrap your voice”. The project won Gold for Package Design at the London International Awards this week.

Ricola Music Edition

Ricola Rockabilly

Ricola Pop Star

Ricola Rapper

Ricola Opera Singer

Ricola Punk Rocker

Ricola Music Unwrapping


The Ricola Music Edition campaign was developed at Jung von Matt, Hamburg, by chief creative officers/creative directors Fabian Frese, Goetz Ulmer and Thimoteus Wagner, creative director Martin Strutz, copywriter Hannah Haeffner, art director Johannes Riffelmacher, designers Lars Jakschik and Karina Riehle, graphic designer Dominique Winkel, photographers Reinhard Hunger and Klaus Merz, illustrator Julien Canavezes, account managers Alexa Heinzelmann and Helena Kraas, working with Ricola head of brand and corporate communications Bernhard Christen. CGI was produced at The Scope, Hamburg, by CGI artist Matthias Christen.

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