Rexona Acknowledgement of Feet

Unilever is exposing widespread disregard for our most-active body part, the foot, in “Acknowledgement”, a Rexona television commercial designed for the Latin American market. The ad is an ode to feet showcasing how they perform in wartime, peacetime, class time and more. “Let’s talk about feet. They are the body part which move the most. However, it is also the least acknowledged. No matter how talented they may be fame will be for others. They will never win the glory. That is why we think the time has come to acknowledge them by keeping them fresh and dry. The part of your body which sweats four times as much as your armpits.”

Rexona Acknowledgement

Rexona Acknowledgement Credits

The Rexona Acknowledgement campaign was developed at Ponce Buenos Aires, by general creative directors Ricardo Armentano, Analía Rios and Joaquín Cubria, creative directors Mario Crudele and Lucas Cambiano, art director Nacho Pérez de Muro, and copywriter Nicolás Chanseaud.

Filming was shot by director 300ml via Park Pictures and Labhouse with executive producer Flora Fernandez Marengo, producer Maria Jose Garofali, director of photography Lula Carvalho, art director German Zecchi, production designer Julian Romera and editor Marcelo Moraes.

Post production was done at Che Revolution Post. Music was by Salmón Osado.