Resistol Chinese Vase

Henkel glue brand Resitol G11 is presented as the means to maintain endless beauty in “Jarron Chino” (Chinese Vase), a television commercial produced in Mexico. Filmed entirely in-camera, the starkly elegant spot features an abstract representation of a Chinese vase upheld by synchronized dancers moving in its center. Their fluid movements are interrupted by a bouncing red ball that damages the dancers’ formation, only to be magically mended upon the ball’s disappearance. The visuals in the Resistol Chinese Vase ad are supported by the gentle notes of an erhu instrument, in keeping with the Asian aesthetic.

Resistol Chinese Vase

Click on the image below to play the Chinese Vase video.

Resistol Chinese Vase Credits

The Chinese Vase ad was developed at Y&R Mexico by chief creative officers Rafael Barthaburu and Esteban Sacco, creative directors/copywriters/art directors Armando Castelan, Carlos Carbajal, general directors Lorena Ramos, Daniela Balboa, agency producers Rita Villaseñor and Issac Roldan.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz via Central Films, Mexico City, with editor Leonel Perez. Visual effects were produced at Mercenario Hospital Post. Sound and music were produced at Prado Sur Audio.