Rescue Drive Orca

Orca Chevrolet is promoting the new Chevrolet Cobalt in Brasila with the Rescue Drive (Resgate Drive), a cunning plan designed to lift the spirits of people who have broken down. In a partnership with a tow car company, the new car was taken to the public right in that moment when they’re thinking at the most about changing their old car: when it breaks down. When the tow car was called for, the Chevrolet Cobalt came along and was introduced to whom had made the call. From that point on, the consumer was invited to take a test-drive to achieve his or her destination driving a brand new car. Orca Chevrolet was able to transform a uncomfortable moment into a carefree and pleasant moment for everyone who participated.

Orca Chevrolet Resgate Drive

Click on the image below to play the Rescue Drive video.


The Rescue Drive Orca campaign was developed at Monumenta, Brasilia, by creative directors Raphael Pontual and Ézio De Castro, copywriter Leo Henrique, art directors Glauber Dorotheu, Paulo Ribas and Cloves Menezes, planner Fernando Torres, producers Marcia Stolet, Rosely Youssef and Gláucia Oliveira, account supervisor Bruno Botafogo, account manager Thiago Botafogo. Film production was by Cadline.

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