Reel FX Rebrand R-Imagination

Digital studio Radium/Reel FX, (Santa Monica/Dallas) has re-branded under one name, Reel FX, with a new logo, website makeover and animated video. Radium, a digital studio in Santa Monica, was acquired by Reel FX in 2007. The two companies took on the name “Radium/Reel FX” but has now focused on the one name. The revamped logo is an “R”, a nod to both Radium and Reel FX, encircled by a seemingly simple, hand-drawn line with REEL FX centered below. On the new website and other branding collateral, the line takes the shape of robots, cowboys, rockets, pirates, and hundreds of other images, supporting the idea that Reel FX is where unexpected creative ideas take shape. It is also meant to convey that even the most complex ideas start with a simple line.

Reel FX R City

Reel FX commercial and entertainment artists from almost every discipline in the studio crafted a :30 motion piece the brand launch. The piece captures the logo’s hand-drawn pencil line, which comes alive and inspires the “R” to transform into ideas of all shapes and sizes and styles including a colorful bipedal octo-creature, a retro ray-gun, a growing neighborhood, and an 80’s video-game screen. The team used techniques ranging from hand-drawn animation to traditional 3D CG animation, stop-motion, and motion design to create the various vignettes. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The score is an original composition by creative director Barrett Lewis. Over 90% of the sound design was also created exclusively for the piece by audio engineer TJ Callaway.

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