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RED has launched an 8 page fold out in the April 2012 edition of Vogue featuring Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara, shot on EPIC by David Fincher. The two ads showcase the power of DSMC: shoot motion and extract single stills for not only print covers but massive fold-out spreads like this. The ad incorporates the expanding range of A-list projects captured on the RED Epic, including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Hobbit, fashion spreads for Vogue and fashion videos for Lady Gaga.

Red Epic Vogue Rooney Mara print ad

The main spread provides a provocative image of Mara, displayed as a tragically beautiful corpse on the blacktop clutching an award illuminated by the ominous form of a police vehicle in the background. Mara’s striking eyes lure readers to discover, “The camera that changed cinema is now changing fashion.” The insert exemplifies the range of projects using the RED, displaying magazine covers such as Vogue, Esquire and GQ, and movie posters, all shot on the dynamic camera. The opposite side of the insert features testimonials from top directors and photographers including David Fincher himself, Steven Soderbergh, Greg Williams and Inez & Vinoodh. Below the testimonials, the camera’s tech specs are detailed, enticing readers to consider the camera’s advanced design and enduring technological advancements. It reads, “RED is the first and only true ‘DSMC™’ Digital Still and Motion Camera. That means you can shoot a feature or a fashion show, then simply extract the perfect still from the footage.”

The ad closes with the question and statement, “So is it an incredible motion camera that takes great stills, or is it an amazing stills camera that shoots great motion? Yes, it is.”

Red Epic Vogue Rooney Mara print ad


The Red Vogue campaign was developed at Red by CEO Jim Jannard, president Jarred Land, photographer David Fincher, cinematographer David Devlin, creative directors Brent Thomas and Alaine Briere, copywriter David Young, producer Ursula Gabel Baird and graphic artist Tina Thomas.

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