Ray-Ban Ray Bug

Ray-Ban’s has launched “Ray Bug”, the latest addition to the sunglasses brand’s “Never Hide” campaign. The commercial follows a young Russian couple on an adventure into an abandoned house where they stumble upon a bug metamorphosing into a very unusual creature morphing with the help of Ray-Ban Clubmaster glasses.

Ray-Ban Ray Bug Born Woman

Behind the scenes of Ray Bug

In order to create that “lost footage you found in the attic” feel, Gentleman Scholar transferred the piece to VHS tape, then pulled the tape out of the VHS cassette, crumpled it, kicked it down the hall, and wound it back up. They may have even broken a VCR during these shenanigans. Here’s the film before the VHS treatment…

Ray Bug Credits

The Ray-Ban Ray Bug spot was developed at Gentleman Scholar, Los Angeles, by directors William Campbell and Will Johnson with director of photography Matthew J Lloyd with executive producer Rachel Kaminek, producers Tyler Locke and Elizabeth Newman, technical director Henry Foster, lead 3D animator Damon Snyder, lead compositor Matt Lavoy, modeller Andy Kim and rigging artist Vinh Chung.

Editor was Steve Preston at Whitehouse Post with producer Kristin Branstetter, assistant editors Clarke Rives and Matthew Prouty.

Sound was designed at ON Music and Sound by Chris Winston.

Ray-Ban Ray-Bug
Ray-Ban Ray-Bug with glasses