RATP Tackles Incivilities

RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens), the organisation responsible for public transport in Paris, has launched the second season of “Let’s stay civil all the way”, a communication campaign designed to address rudeness. The campaign launched in 2011 was designed to encourage travelers to think and change their behaviour. A chicken, llama, chicken, buffalo, frog and sloth have been joined by a warthog and donkey, each bearing a challenging message, “Restons civils sur toute la ligne”.

RATP Warthog

Bloquer les 2 portes au départ met tous les voyageurs en retard (Block two doors makes everybody late). Qui salit 1 siège à l’aller risque au retour de se tacher (He who dirties 1 seat on the way out, risks a stain on the way back). Stay civil along the entire line.

RATP Donkey

RATP Chicken

RATP Llama


RATP Sloth

RATP Buffalo


The Incivilities campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by chief creative officer Oliver Altmann, creative director Hervé Riffault, copywriter Olivier Dermaux, art director Mathieu Vinciguerra, head of art Jean-Luc Chirio, assistant art director Mélanie Pennec, managing director Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, account director Laurence Neveu, account team Emmanuelle Henry and Elodie Chicheportiche, strategic planner Barberine Reyners, production manager Patricia Denis du Péage, photographer Benoît Mauduech, illustrator Mr Remi and 3D designer Hervé Lopez at Mister Hyde. Production was by Elysian Fields.

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