Puma Social Club Live Life

Puma is continuing the Social Club Night Life campaign with “Live Life, Don’t Watch It”, a television and online video advertising campaign encouraging young adults to leave their screens and explore their local night life. With the rapid rise of reality television, more and more people seem content to spend time watching life on television, instead of actually living one themselves. Elevating those who fight, backstab and cheat into celebrities and role models. The Puma Live Life campaign offers people a choice: do they want their nights to be spent staring at televised strangers, or do they want them to be more? A time when they live life, instead of just watching it. Where reality stars are replaced by teammates.

Puma Live Life

The 90-second film juxtaposes a slew of reality television audio clips with visuals of life being played. It celebrates those who choose to ignore the banality of today’s reality television climate, in favor of creating their own stories with friends and teammates. Furthermore, the film encourages those of us not out already, to get off the couch. Because in the end, life deserves to be played, and channel surfing is not a sport. Click on the image below to play the Live Life Don’t Watch It video (90 seconds).

Fifteen second commercials have also been produced: “Here’s to Ringers, Ringleaders, and Instigators”, “Here’s to Captains, Coaches, and Cheerleaders”, “Here’s to Bear Huggers, Lifesavers, and Loud Talkers”, and “Here’s to Unexpected Pros, Troublemakers, and Rookies”.

Puma Live Life Credits

The Live Life ad was developed at Droga5 New York by creative chairman David Droga, executive creative directors Nik Studzinski and Ted Royer, associate creative directors Tim Gordon and Amanda Clelland, head of integrated production Sally-Ann Dale, agency producer Sam Kilbreth.

Filming was shot by director Fredrik Bond via MJZ with director of photography Roman Vasyanov, executive producers Cassie Hulen and Kate Leahy, producer Line Postmyr.

Editor was Patric Ryan at Marshall Street Editors, with assistant editor Elena De Palma, executive producer Kath Sawszak, producer S.J. O’Mara.

Post production was done at Absolute Post by executive producer Melanie Wickham, senior producer Melissa Stephano, lead Flame artist Dirk Greene. Colorist was Dave Hussey at Company 3.

Music, “Pastel”, was produced at Squeak E. Clean Productions. Sound was designed at Nylon Studios, New York, by sound designer/mixer Dave Robertson.