Poppy Appeal 2012 Pinning Hopes

The Royal British Legion in the UK is raising funds for the support of veterans and their families with the Poppy Appeal 2012, timed to coincide with November 11, Armistice Day. Launched in October, the campaign includes range of posters, billboards and online banners, a music video and single, and an interactive microsite explaining where funds from sales go. This year’s appeal has a tag line, “Pinning hopes on you”.

IED Survivors Pin their hopes on you - Poppy Appeal 2012

Military Pin their hopes on you - Poppy Appeal 2012
Something missing? - Poppy Appeal 2012
Something missing? - Poppy Appeal 2012

The official Poppy Appeal single for 2012, ‘Landlocked’ combines soulful vocals with poignant lyrics written by Tim Rice and music by Pete Hobbs and James Fox. The track tells the story of a soldier deployed, isolated and away from his family. Click on the image below to play the video.

The Follow the Poppy microsite, poppyspend.britishlegion.org.uk, invites visitors to scroll down to gain insights into the Royal British Legion’s work.

Careers Advice for Service Leavers
Helping the Injured Recover
Teaching the kids the meaning of Remembrance
Helping the veterans stay
Helping military families
Please support the Royal British Legion

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